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Bullet Hell Battlebot

Play as a Battlebot in this single stick retro shooter with four unique themed worlds and challenging boss fights. Race against the clock before your Battlebots energy depletes. Defeat bosses to collect world stars. Power gems can upgrade your power supply and buy new weapons.

  • Vaporise your enemies with a wide array of different guns; shotguns to lasers, each gun has it own strengths and weakness!
  • It can be played with one hand, simply use your thumb anywhere on the screen to control your Battlebot with this smart joystick, swipe to perform a dash, dashing will cause your Battlebot to lay down a time bubble.
  • Collect gems to buy new guns and upgrade your time unit, providing more time to collect more gems!
  • Four different worlds with their own unique bosses, each world features their own enemy types and room shapes
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